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Customer Reviews

Rated 5.0 / 5.0 

Lisa M.


A unique gift for the bride and groom!

I did spoil the surprise by letting them know the gift I intended to bring to the reception. They were delighted and coordinated with the day-of wedding planner to put the KeepCake to use that very night! As the cake was being served, the top tier was safely stowed by catering staff for the couple during the event! Thank you for this smart and forward thinking product. I'm very happy with the purchase.

Danielle C.



My fiancé and I can’t wait to use our KeepCake to preserve our wedding cake! We love how compact it and are excited about the product!

Aviva F.


The best thing around

I Bought this for a friend of mine- and she was beyond excited- she couldn’t wait and at the Bridal shower everyone was asking about it and what it was. The bride can't wait to use it ! Great idea!

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